As a psychoanalytic and integrative psychotherapist I believe in the uniqueness of each person and I work with each client's individual needs. I believe it is very important to work with people in such a way which allows for change and development at their own pace

A healing relationship between the client and the therapist is created through developing feelings of safety and respect, allowing issues of dependence, trust and care to be worked through together. Through this relationship I aim to create a safe space for us to work together to help you understand yourself better and manage your worries or pain. Therapy involves talking through difficulties and anxieties being faced by the client; sometimes these are obvious to the client, and sometimes they happen out of our awareness.

Sessions are usually once or twice weekly in a comfortable, safe environment where- given time- a clearer sense of the connection between your feelings, thoughts and way of being can emerge, helping you to foster a healthy sense of your self. Therapy combines Thinking, Feeling and Being and aims to enhance our ability to feel happier and more comfortable with ourselves and to extend the range of our emotions.

People find that therapy helps them develop the ability to:

  • Recognise how they view the world so they can create change that feels right to them.
  • Get to know themselves better so they can be in touch with their feelings and improve the relationships they have with those around them.
  • Find new and more positive ways of experiencing life.

For more detailed information about the philosophy underpinning integrative psychotherapy see the EAIP Statement of Philosophy at: